At the base of our company policy is the constant process optimisation, the accurate selection of suppliers, the attention to overall quality and processes.
The strong will to organize the company on high quality standards and to continuously improve the performance of products and processes is testified by the first ISO 9001 Certification obtained in 1995.

Our Quality Management System is certified by the IIP (Italian Institute of Plastics) according to UNI EN ISO 9001-2015.
We are also in the process of obtaining the MOCA certification (Conformity of Materials and Objects in Contact with Food).


In our internal department we make sure that each component produced meets the requested characteristics, wheter its mould is produced/modified internally or provided by the customer.

All metrologies are carried out by our qualified personnel using 3D contact and optical measuring devices (CMM and VMM), traditional instruments and/or external tomographic analysis.

A metrological report is issued at the end of each analysis.

Process and product control

Each item is managed through a control plan that includes: characteristics and frequency of controls, functional tests, statistical checks on criticalities (cp-cpk), inspection methods and equipment.

During the moulding and assembly, the production is constantly monitored by our operators through precise inspection criteria.
Directly connected to the production department, the Metrology/Quality department is responsible for verifying the compliance with the product specifications, approving productions and issuing conformity certificates.

The total monitoring of the phases that lead to the final product and the identification/traceability of the production processes allow us to ensure compliance with the customer’s requirements.