Design, mould making & engineering

Technical Plast offers to its clients its 40 years of experience and technical knowledge in the design and construction of the moulds.

The design of the mould (materials, cooling, injection system, movements, piece size) is fundamental for a good performance and precision of the moulding process (necessary for obtaining a high-quality finished product), but also for ensuring the maximum life span of the mould.

All the equipment and the moulds are made at Technical Plast in-house workshop: designed in 3D, and developed deploying CNC machines for the construction of all parts of the mould. The software used today enable technicians to improve the project in terms of productivity and quality of the finished product.

All stages of the process are followed with maximum care: analysis of the piece to develop, concept and construction of the mould, mould testing and dimensional control of the piece, finalization of the mould and of the process parameters, pre-series, full supply.

The company is available for changes, repairs, and maintenance of moulds.

Technical Plast is the ideal partner to support you in the industrialization of your projects for new products and components in engineering polymers, providing expertise and support during all phases of the project development: from the analysis of the article and of its fundamental characteristics to co-design (taking into account operating temperatures, applied loads, and functional requirements) in order to provide the best possible component in terms of innovation, performance, and cost.