Injection moulding of engineering polymers

Technical Plast specializes in the technical moulding of engineering plastics to obtain complex shapes with extremely high dimensional precision (tollerances up to 0.02 mm).

In order to meet the highest production requirements in terms of quality and safety, Technical Plast uses high tech materials such as: PPS, PEEK, PC, PA6, PA66, PPA, PBT, POM, PEI, reinforced with carbon fibre, Teflon, glass spheres, glass fibre.

Technical Plast is also specialized in co-moulding with metal inserts (steel and brass) for bushes, plugs, bearings, etc., and does ceramic inserts as well in various shapes and sizes.

Our machine fleet comprises 28 Arburg and Negri Bossi injection moulding machines (of which 1 vertical), with tonnage ranging from 15 T to 180 T, on which we can mould articles from 0,03g up to a weight of about 500g.

More significant investments are planned in the course of this year in order to increase the number of available machines and their tonnage.