Metal replacement

In many types of articles, the metal replacement (such as aluminium or steel) with reinforced engineering polymers allows to obtain components with the same functional properties, but lighter and at lower costs. It also provides additional advantages, such as: the reduction of processing times (due to fewer processing stages); a greater design freedom and better aesthetics; the possibility to confer special properties to the manufactured article including resistance to moisture, corrosion and chemicals; conductivity or electrical insulation; smoothness and wear resistance; resistance to high temperatures (up to 250 ° C) and to flame.

Metal replacement is successfully used in many applications that were once the monopoly of metals: mechanical, textile machinery, electrical, pneumatic, automotive, automation, furniture.

For these applications, Technical Plast offers to its clientele the vast technical knowledge and expertise gained over 40 years of experience, in which, thanks to collaborations with major suppliers and research centres, it has developed a thorough knowledge of the key factors essential for effective and efficient metal replacement: applications requirements and technological solutions, all specific polymers that are most suitable for such applications (characteristics, rheology, pre / post processing, process mode), complementary materials, moulding and over-moulding techniques, and assembly.

Each project of metal replacement is developed in collaboration with the customer and suppliers, in order to identify the best solutions, and passes (also depending on the complexity of the project) through the following stages:

  • Preliminary economic and feasibility analysis
  • Selection of materials suitable for the application
  • Design, modelling and analysis of the article
  • Mould design
  • Mould-making, mould testing, article control, fine-tuning of the mould and process parameters, pre-series
  • Supply
  • Assembly operations, when required